Last Saturday, I had the chance to take some photos for Jessica and her company, Write Ahead (, a business consulting and writing firm located in downtown Vancouver. I first met Jessica back in university, and it was exciting to run into her years later and see what she has been up to.

Below are a few highlights from our shoot. (You can see additional photos in the 'Portraits' menu on the left hand side.)
On the weekend I had the opportunity to work with Kwasi Thomas, a local actor and comedian. We were so glad that Mother Nature cooperated with the photoshoot since she definitely didn't the last time we tried to do this! The plan was to get some serious headshots, but we ended up laughing...a lot! Thanks for the fun day, Kwasi, and for making me laugh. Laughter is good for the soul.

(You can see the full gallery of photos by clicking on the 'Portraits' menu on the left hand side.)